Chewing on Ligaments


Once your dogs start to chew these all-natural beef ligaments, they won’t be able to stop!  This healthy, natural chew will keep your hounds busy and give them all the chewing pleasure they need. These beef ligaments are oven baked with no artificial ingredients – All Jones brand products are 100% grown and made in the USA.  The Hydrant loves to support local companies and Jones Natural Chews are based in Rockford, IL.

Dogs need chewy treats to keep their teeth in good health.  Minnow, pictured above, has some beautiful white teeth thanks to the Raw Marrow Bones, Trachea, Bully Sticks, and Ligaments she gets to gnaw on weekly.

As a pet owner, I like the Jones brand Beef Ligaments for my dogs because they are very low in odor.  I’ve tried other brands of tendons and they were just too stinky – and some were too greasy.  Smell is very important when it comes to dog chews.

Stop in today for some all-natural beef ligaments.   Dogs LOVE them!

making bully sticks last longer

bully moose

Available now at the Hydrant – the perfect bully stick life extender… the Bully Moose.

Dogs love bully sticks.  And most dogs I know gobble them up pretty quickly.  I had some Kong toys at home so I decided to try putting a bully stick in them to see if that would make them last a little bit longer… and it worked!  My dogs chewed the ends sticking out but could not get to the bully stick inside the toy.  They played with the toy for a long time until they finally got that bully stick out.  Genius.

The Bully Moose worked wonders too.  It’s the perfect size for our 6-inch bully sticks or even a small split antler.  I did have some trouble getting the remaining bully stick end out of my regular Kong when Minnow and Lottie couldn’t do it.  The Kong “stuff-a-ball” worked better for me.  This Moose, however, was the best.  Give it a try!

bully kong min

bully stick kong

bully in kong


– provide an excellent way to reduce tartar build up

– are sourced from free range, grass fed cattle in the USA, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina

– contain NO preservatives, hormones, or artificial colors

– are great for teething pups or dogs who just like to chew

These slow roasted, meaty treats supply quality protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to your pet making them a MUCH better alternative to rawhide chews.

The Hydrant sells bully sticks in a variety of shapes and sizes – sticks, braids, curly, wavy, thick, and thin.  Stop in today – your dogs will thank you!!


Trachea… dogs love them!


We’ve seen the way you look at them.  Perhaps you’ve even asked us, “What are those?!”  Yep, they are a little gross BUT these Bravo! brand dry-roasted beef trachea are 100% digestible and an ideal source of natural chondroitan and glucosamine.  Beth loves giving her dogs (pictured here) a treat that helps build and support cartilage and lubricate their joints.  These chews are perfect for dogs with occasional joint stress due to exercise or physical activity.  As the dog chews the trachea, it also helps to naturally clean their teeth.

Oh and dogs LOVE them!

We individually wrap our Bravo! trachea to make them more customer-friendly and a little less scary.  We don’t want any dogs to miss out on these sturdy all-natural chews!

Bravo! chews are sourced in the USA and New Zealand and are made from human grade meat sources.  We only sell the best for your pets!