the Hydrant is a busy, little shop!

We cannot say thank you enough to all of our amazing customers.  2016 has been our busiest year so far and we have so many exciting plans for next year!  Our retail area is expanding each month with new products that are perfect to keep your pets healthy and happy.  Please let us know if there is anything you wish you could purchase at the Hydrant.  Our knowledgeable staff wants to talk to you about your pet’s nutrition needs!

What’s new on our shelves?  Have a look…

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New Acana Coming Soon

new acana frp_4001acanaHeritage

ACANA Heritage

ACANA Heritage foods are Champion’s original Biologically Appropriate recipes that celebrate their 25-year tradition of featuring fresh regional ingredients grown close to home by farmers, ranchers and fishermen they know and trust.

ACANA Heritage foods are brimming with free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs from local farms, freshwater fish from regional waters and heritage meats from Appalachian ranches — all delivered in fresh WholePrey ratios to nourish completely.

Prepared in their new Kentucky DogStar® kitchens from America’s best and freshest ingredients, these unique and Biologically Appropriate foods are a delicious way to keep your dog healthy, happy, and strong.

new acana hm_3999

12 oz. trial size bags are available NOW for $3.99 so you can try them out.

Stop by the Hydrant today!

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What’s New?

Here’s a little peek at what’s new at the Hydrant…

turkey cran plato

treats your dogs will love, perfect for Thanksgiving time!

cocolicious cans_2750

New from Party Animal… CocoLicious Grain-Free canned foods for Dogs


cute and warm sweaters for your hounds

cat treats_2756

Vital Essential cat treats… can be used as dog treats too

dirtydog mat_2753

Dirty Dog Doormat is an amazingly thick and thirsty little rug!

Kickstart your kibble with Meal Mixers

Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers are an easy way to add raw food nutrition into any diet. 


sc meal mixers

This month, we’ll be talking more about the importance of adding some Raw food to your pet’s diet.  Look for future Blog posts about Raw Diets here on our website.

Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers are a great addition to our selection of Raw products because we know how convenient they’ll be for folks trying out a freeze-dried Raw product for the first time – Just add a scoop (or even half a scoop) to your kibble and Serve!  Introducing Raw Food to your pet as treats is another great way to get the much needed natural nutrients and enzymes into your pet’s body.  Meal Mixers are small sized pieces perfect for treats!

If you have a picky eater at your house, Meal Mixers can get your dogs eating and most will be licking their bowls clean! 

In an independent taste study at a leading university…

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Is raw food safe?  Yes!

On every Stella & Chewy’s package, you’ll find a seal that states that the product has gone through their SecureByNature food safety process. Every batch is tested by an independent laboratory for harmful bacteria before packaging. Stella & Chewy’s is so confident in the quality and safety of their products, the test results are posted on their website!