we love Dachshunds!


One of the most recognizable dog breeds on Earth, the dachshund is also one of the most popular breeds. But how much do you really know about them? Check out the following facts and learn more about this tenacious hound.

They Come in 15 Colors

While you are probably used to seeing red, black & tan and dappled Doxies, did you know they come in 15 colors and 6 marking combinations? Colors include: black & cream, black & tan, blue & cream, blue & tan, chocolate & cream, chocolate & tan, cream, fawn (also called Isabella) & cream, fawn & tan, red, wheaten, wild board, black, chocolate and fawn. Marking combinations include: brindle, dapple, sable, brindle piebald, double piebald and piebald.

They Were The First Olympic Mascot

The very first Olympic mascot in the history of the Olympic Games was Waldie a dachshund for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The Olympic marathon route was designed to be in the shape of the dog that year.

They Are The Smallest Hunting Breed

The Dachshund is the smallest breed in the AKC hound group, but don’t let that fool you. They are tenacious and were bred to not just stalk prey but kill it.




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Poochapalooza 2016 Recap

We had so much fun at Poochapalooza! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and let us put a bandanna on their pooch. We enjoyed seeing our regulars and we sure made a lot of new friends.   Beth may have set a record for the most cute dog photos taken in one day!!

How excellent… our booth was right next to the Dr. Becker’s Bites booth at Poochapalooza!  Hopefully you had a chance to stop and chat with these awesome folks. I saw a lot of doggies loving their samples! If you need a bag, the Hydrant is stocked with a few flavors of their Bites!

Enjoy these cute dogs at Poochapalooza photos!


The tiny Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.  Despite their small size, Yorkies have big personalities and need plenty of regular exercise and mental stimulation.

Zoe S_1161

If you’re thinking of adding a Yorkshire Terrier to your family, be sure to check your local shelters and rescue organizations first to see if there’s an adoptable dog available.

Yorkshire Terriers are extremely intelligent, energetic, and loaded with confidence. The breed was developed in North England during the 19th century as ratters to control rodents in textile mills and coalmines. The Yorkshire Terrier’s ancestors include the long-extinct Clydesdale Terrier and the Black-and-Tan Terrier.

Did you know…
The Yorkshire Terrier breed was once called the Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, Broken Haired Toy Terrier, or simply Toy Terrier. The name Yorkshire Terrier was adopted in the 1970s as a salute to the place where the breed was born.

We have lots of Yorkie friends that visit the Hydrant for their grooming needs.  Here are just a few of the cute faces we get to see…

zoe_9683     lucytails_5474 zoe1_4798 beatrice_5861


itzyafter 1_2370 lilly4657

penny_7764 rocky_0669 sandy_8762 teddy_0802



this is what Dr. Karen Becker has to say about Yorkies…

Yorkies Can Be Great Agility Competitors

Don’t let his small size fool you – this little guy loves speed, action, and lots of attention, so canine sports such as agility can be a great way to challenge and stimulate him.

Also don’t assume he’s a purse-dog whose feet should never touch the ground. Your Yorkie loves long walks and the opportunity to show off his guard dog skills!

Yorkies are known to be brave, adventurous, and loyal. They are curious and learn quickly. They have a strong hunting instinct, so it’s best to keep your Yorkie a safe distance from any small pets in the house such as hamsters or birds.

Yorkies Are Independent Little Souls

Yorkshire Terriers can be lapdogs, but often only in short bursts. And while they enjoy pleasing their humans, they are easily distracted by other interests.

Some Yorkies are sweet and cuddly, while others tend to be more entertaining and mischievous. The sweet-n-cuddly Yorkie makes for a better lapdog, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Since this breed is notoriously stubborn, it’s important to obedience train and socialize your Yorkie puppy to insure she doesn’t develop bad habits that will be very difficult to extinguish once she’s an adult.

Healthy Yorkies Are Long-Lived

Yorkshire Terriers live 14 to 16 years on average, but they are prone to several health conditions, including liver shunts, collapsing tracheas, luxating patellas, dental issues, hypothyroidism, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Low blood sugar is also a problem, along with certain types of bladder stones, hair loss, cataracts, and ingrown eyelashes.

Very tiny Yorkies (under 4 pounds) are prone to more health problems, and in my opinion, breeders who select for “teacup” size are sacrificing the health of their dogs in favor of an abnormally small size.

The Yorkie Coat Is High-Maintenance

The good news is your Yorkie sheds little to no hair, however, his long silky coat needs extensive grooming. To prevent tangles and matting, his coat needs to be brushed 4 to 5 times a week with a firm bristle brush, and professionally trimmed regularly. Your Yorkie’s eyes and ears must also be cleaned regularly to avoid infection, and daily tooth brushing is necessary to avoid dental problems.

One of the First Therapy Dogs Was a Yorkshire Terrier

A US soldier fighting in the Pacific theater during World War II came upon a Yorkie puppy hiding in a foxhole. The dog was named Smoky, and she went on to visit injured American soldiers, and later worked stringing communication lines between military outposts in the Philippines.

Yorkies with Undocked Tails Look Especially Adorable

While the American Kennel Club (AKC) still insists on docked tails as part of the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard, knowledgeable humane Yorkie breeders and owners are increasingly opting to forego this barbaric practice.

Yorkies Need Regular Exercise

It’s a common misconception that toy breeds don’t need vigorous exercise. Yorkshire Terriers in particular require physical activity. Daily walks and frequent playtime in an open area will keep your Yorkie physically fit and mentally stimulated. Lack of adequate exercise can result in behavior problems.

This breed can gain weight easily, so take care not to overindulge your Yorkie.

Yorkies Are Talkers

Actually, they’re barkers. It’s the watchdog in them. It’s a good idea to train your Yorkie to stop barking on command (or to avoid barking when the urge strikes), unless you appreciate a small dog with a big mouth.

Yorkies Can Be Difficult to Housetrain

The myth that Yorkies are impossible to housetrain is indeed a myth. Your little boy or girl probably won’t learn in a week, but with consistency, patience, and lots of positive reinforcement you can potty train your Yorkie.


Forever in our hearts, this post is for Ty.



Zeus, an amazing PTSD service dog

What an honor it was to meet Zeus and his family today. Our groomer, Crystal, gave Zeus the works because this PTSD service dog sure deserved it! He is making a huge impact on a Marine who was injured in an IED attack and lost his hearing amongst other injuries, including suffering from PTSD. We can’t wait to see Zeus, Jeff, and Lisa again!

zeus tails_7635

The Warrior Dog Foundation was established by Mike Ritland who fought as a Navy SEAL in Operation Iraqi Freedom and other deployments. He created the Warrior Dog Foundation with the sole purpose of giving back to the Navy SEAL and special operations community. Mike’s generous donations of well trained service dogs make it possible for veterans to have zero out-of-pocket costs.


The Warrior Dog Foundation strives to educate the public on the importance of K-9s in the combat environment, and showcase the level of sacrifice these dogs give in support of our troops.

Read more about the Warrior Dog Foundation here http://warriordogfoundation.org/

Cute Customers!

Just a few of our furry customers that visited us recently – look at those sweet faces!!



ben ben_2602






puff small_2775






We really appreciate your business.  Some of these cuties have been coming to the Hydrant for  years while others are young pups that just visited us for the first time.  We hope to see all of you again soon!!


dexter puppy beagle

This great looking Beagle is Dexter.  I took his picture last year in August when he was just a young puppy.  Lucky for us, we’ve had the chance to watch him grow up into the super sweet, handsome fellow that he is.

dexter beagle_2558

This is Dexter today.  Thanks for visiting us!!

Can you handle the cuteness?


itzyafter 1_2370

It was so nice to meet this bundle of cuteness and her mom this week!  Itzy, a 3 month old Yorkie puppy, came to us for her first groom.  In between kisses and snuggles, our groomer Jill gave Itzy her bath, a little trim up, and a bow on top.  Such a sweet puppy!!

Poochapalooza fun!

It was so great to see so many of our customers today as well as make some new friends at Munster’s annual Poochapalooza event.  The turnout was fantastic!  A big thanks goes out to NutriSource for accompanying us at this awesome pet event – their tent was extremely busy the entire day!!  As always, there is no shortage of cute dogs at Poochapalooza and I was lucky enough to get a few photos for proof.  See you next year!















happy Friday!



Puppy love!  This cutie stopped by the Hydrant yesterday for her very first nail trim and also to brighten up our day with tons of puppy kisses.  We hope Manchitas loves her NutriSource food as much as her siblings, Chewy and Chula.

T-Rex, Trigger, and Jake

I love taking pictures of dogs and I’m so lucky to have access to SO many beautiful pets each and every day.  Here are some of our furry customers photographed as pups and as adults – T-Rex, Trigger, and Jake…

t rex


triggerpuppy feb2013


jake newfie poo