Your pet’s behavior, health and overall well-being depend on what you feed them.  During our 12+ years of grooming, we have seen how a high quality diet can improve the skin and coat, aid in weight management, and help solve digestive problems in both dogs and cats.  Adding natural and holistic supplements to a species appropriate diet has also benefited many of our four legged clients.

The Hydrant proudly sells healthy, premium brand pet foods, raw diets, and treats for your furry family members.  Careful selection and thorough research of these products ensures that the food and treats you purchase at our store are nutritious and safe.

Dogs and Cats are carnivores which is why The Hydrant’s focus is on grain free and raw diets.  We believe in the nutritional philosophy that dogs and cats thrive on a diet mainly comprised of meat without fillers or grains just as their primal ancestors did.  Plus your pet will get more nutrition in every bite and you can feed less food with every meal.