The Hydrant is an ALL Breed Grooming Facility for dogs and cats. Each and every groom on your pet includes: cutting the nails, cleaning the ears, releasing the glands, shampooing your pet twice in the bath, brushing, and the desired cut or trim you prefer.

Grooming services are available by appointment only. All clients must show proof of current vaccinations including rabies certificate from your vet.

Call today to set up an appointment for your pet:  219-923-3649

We strive to make every visit with your pet as safe and stress-free as possible. Our certified groomers and professional staff will consult with you upon arrival so your pet can receive the look and cut you desire.  To meet the needs of your pet’s skin and coat, The Hydrant only uses high quality and natural products in our salon.  A normal Grooming appointment usually lasts around 3 hours.  We want to get your pet clean, beautifully groomed, and back to you as soon as they are ready.

NAIL TRIM HOURS (No appointment necessary):

Monday – Friday:  8:30 am until 3 pm

Saturday:  8:30 am until 12 noon

Grooming your DOG or CAT is a skillful process 

domino groom

When your pet gets here, he/she will be prepared for their bath.  This will include cutting his nails, cleaning his ears, sanitary trim/shave and then shaving of his pattern or the trimming his haircut.  Next, your pet will be taken into the bathing room where he is shampooed and rinsed, then, we repeat the shampooing process again to make sure your pet is the cleanest he can be.  After his two baths, he is then dried.  The drying process consists of a high velocity dryer to blow the water from your dogs coat and a ‘fluff’ dryer where the fur is brushed and fluffed while drying.  All our dryers DO NOT HAVE A HEATED ELEMENT in them.

Once your pet is fully dried we then do the finish work on his haircut.  This includes shaving/cutting his pattern once more and then doing all the scissor work to his feet, legs, face and head.

Generally, on a dog like a Miniature Poodle, this process takes around 3 hours at our pet salon.


When you call the Hydrant to schedule a grooming appointment, your pet will be booked with a groomer on our regular staff (Crystal, Jill, Kelly, Raquel, Alisha, or Mindy).  If you want to use the same groomer every time, you are welcome to request that groomer.  If you do not request anyone, your appointment will always be with a groomer on our regular staff.

When our Dog Grooming Academy is in session, we also have Students grooming in a separate, supervised classroom environment.  You must request a student if you want your pet groomed by a student.  The discounts we offer for grooming appointments with students do not apply to our regular grooming staff.

Need a Saturday appointment?  Please schedule 10 days to 2 weeks in advance for Saturdays to secure your spot.  We can generally get you in Monday thru Friday with just a couple of days notice.


-Nail Cutting   All pets nails are trimmed during the grooming process.  However if you’d like to get your pets nails trimmed in between visits, we’d be happy to help.  There is NO APPOINTMENT needed for just nail cutting.  Our groomers are available for nail trim “walk-ins” Monday thru Friday from 8:30 AM until around 3:00 PM and on Saturdays from 8:30 AM until 12 Noon.

-Nail Grinding    Sometimes your pets nails just aren’t short enough or they may be a little scratchy after they are cut, therefore we do offer NAIL GRINDING.  There is an additional charge for Nail Grinding when you request this service with your pet’s grooming appointment or with your pet’s “walk-in” Nail Trim.

-Nail Painting    For our most posh pampered pets, we do offer nail painting. *limited colors available



Please call at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment. Less than 24 hours notice may result in a cancellation fee.   After 3 “NO SHOWS”, you will be asked to pre-pay for your grooming services.

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